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Peggy Janssens

Peggy Janssens

I’ve been through some pretty big changes in my life, happening on the personal and professional side. Be it events like moving to other house or school, a mariage, a divorce, a promotion, a professional reorientation. Every change, positive or negative, required a period of adaptation not always smooth to live, sometimes very intense and destabilizing, and on the other hand so refreshing and energizing when you learn to embrace the unknown.

On the professional level, I worked for 17 years in an amazing technology company with this vision statement : “we help individuals and businesses realize their full potential”. New technologies are transforming the world around us. I helped companies adopt these new technologies and accelerate digital transformation. I learned that this transition is not only about technology, but more about learning to put change in the heart of the business model.  The pressure is on to adapt.

I started studying on how change affects us as individuals and organizations and how it tends to scare us and build resistance first. I experienced that accepting the inevitability of change and the resulting stress, helped me to cope and better handle changing environments.

Therefore I’ve built my expertise on 2 pillars :

– Professional Resilience coaching certification
– Prosci certified change management practitioner

I truly believe that successful change results in an effective transition, and it involves personal decisions and actions that will have a direct impact on the outcome. An effective transition in an organization requires that every individual lives this transition too. Companies that invest in change management expertise are more future-proof and see evidence of organizational productivity.


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